We Work With Educators

NCFA, and the K-12, Higher-Ed., and Non-Profit Market.

At NCFA, our goal is to be the premier educator to educators-working closely to help them fully understand their retirement options and how those options can work together to help them prepare for retirement.  This consists of a three step process:



Tax Law - we explain which option under the current retirement law is superior. An IRA or 403b?


Retirement Planning - we share the three lessons we have learned from faculty & staff members who retired before you;

1st LESSON -  Start saving early

2nd LESSON - Maximize your savings and investment 

3rd  LESSON - Select the best retirement product within your school district or university, that delivers superior results. Which brings us to the final step.


Investing - identify and understand your personal risk tolerance, understand the power of tax-deferred growth (Accumulation phase), understand the best options for receiving retirement income (distribution phase) and finally, legacy planning - properly selecting and naming beneficiaries.


NCFA, knows the education market

The Co-founder of NCFA, has over 21 years of experience with the tax-exempt marketplace; from product research & development, to product design, to setting plans up within school districts and universities, to helping thousands of educators & faculty members personally plan for their retirement.  He also helped several providers of 403(b) products become a leader within their region.  It is with this understanding he established NCFA, as the premier educator to educators and to serve k-12, higher-ed and non-profit plans in all 50 states.