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What's Your Risk Number?





About our Riskalyze Risk Tolerance Questionnaire

Humans look at risk and reward in the context of their own personal financial position. We all look at risk differently, based on our varying life experiences and financial position.  


Riskalyze is the first-ever way to objectively pinpoint an individual investors risk tolerance. Furthermore, Riskalyze portfolio and retirement map functionality provide a quantifiable way to match individual investors risk preference with a corresponding portfolio and retirement plan. 

Our Riskalyze Risk Questionnaire process was built upon decades worth of behavioral economic work including but not limited to the academic framework called  Prospect Theory that won the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2002. 

The Riskalyze Risk Number and corresponding risk/reward range empowers the advisor-client relationship with stated expectations.  Gone are the days of clients and advisors putting their faith in subjective, loosely defined semantics like moderate, conservative, moderately conservative. 

Now the advisor client relationship is empowered by transparent, objective, well-defined, actionable expectations and the probability of success is quantified and unemotional.