Hakeem J. Webb, MSFS, CTP


Hakeem J. Webb is an American fintech entrepreneur and business trailblazer with almost three decades of financial services experience. He is the Founder & CEO of NCFA, Inc. This leading minority-owned and operated national independent registered full-service fee-only investment advisory firm serves a global client base of diverse investors. Along with the only full-service fee-only digital gateway platform called Cyborg-Advisors, which aims to "Democratize Wall Street.”  He is a Certified Treasury Professional, and his expertise includes working with institutions, fund managers, hedge fund managers, endowments, asset managers, small businesses, non-profits, and hospitals.  He also works with healthcare professionals, faculty & staff members of universities and school districts.  He calls this later employee group of forgotten investors ("The Mass Affluent.”)  He was one of the first African Americans to have and put an independent wealth management office on Wall Street.

2011 - Present - National Christian Financial Advisors, Inc. (NCFA)

  • Responsible and accountable for building productive relationships with existing defined contribution (DC) plan participant base and prospective customers.
  • Responsible for (DB) and (DC) retirement plan design and solutions
  • Assess economic trends
  • Assess global equity markets and their trends
  • Monitor investments in client portfolios with expertise in the following industry sectors: financial, technology, and healthcare
  • Prepare investment analysis reports for institutions and individual clients
  • Recommend investment strategies for clients, retirement plan sponsors,  high-net-worth individuals, and small - to - mid-size  businesses
Branch Manager, CFD Investments & Creative Financial Design, Waterbury, CT  
June 2006 - April 2009 - Retirement plan specialist & Asset management
  • Supervised and trained several independent financial advisors on branch policy procedures
  • Trained advisors to build and retain relationships with plan sponsors. Specifically defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) plans. For start-up companies and existing plans with up to $250 million in assets
  • Completed compliance reporting daily for each advisor and prepared for our semi-annual and annual audits
  • Managed and processed workflow between advisors and clients
  • Developed extensive branch growth strategies for recruiting and acquiring advisors and offices
  • Active producer - see above duties                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Financial Network Investment Corporation/ING, New York, NY & Waterbury, CT
February 1998 - May 2006 - Retirement plan specialist & Wealth management
  • Responsible and accountable for building and retaining productive (DC) plans with small/mid-size businesses and supplemental retirement plans in the k-12 and higher education 403(b) marketplace.
  • I was the independent investment advisory representative to ING/USFS's top 5 North East retirement plan reps, formerly Aetna representatives. My primary role was to provide holistic advice-based guidance. This included access to over 10,000 clients of their retirement, non-retirement, brokerage, and cash management accounts.
  • Conducted company and mutual fund research for recommendations into client's portfolios
  • Advised clients on portfolio performance and changes on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Conducted regular portfolio reviews for institutions, small-to-mid-sized businesses, and individual clients
  • Designed and implemented asset allocation programs and strategies for all client portfolios
In 2002, I was promoted to OSJ Branch Manager.
  • As Branch Manager, I opened three offices: a financial planning office in Danbury, CT, and a Wealth Management office on Wall Street, 60 Broadway, NY., which at the time was one of the first independent wealth management offices owned and operated by a Black American. The other wealth management office was in Waterbury, CT.  
  • As Branch Manager, I was responsible for and supervised 11 independent advisors
  • Business Branch Development - Developed a proprietary 403(b) retirement prospecting and selling system for k-12 school districts, colleges and universities. This resulted in access to 21 school districts, two colleges, and several non-profit institutions, managing approximately a quarter billion in assets.
 EDUCATION & QUALIFICATIONS                                                                                                                                                                 
Master of Science degree in financial services, 2007
Designations & Licenses:
Certified Treasury Professional (CTP)
Certified Funds Specialist® (CFS®)
Certified Annuity Specialist® (CAS®) 
Certified Income Specialist (CIS™)
Board Certified Fund Specialist (BCM) 
Retirement Income Specialist (RIS)
Series 65 and 24
            He served on the Institute of Business & Finance (IBF) Standards Committeewas a former Waterbury Economic Development Corporation loan committee member, and was a former Economic Development Chair for NAACP State Conference Connecticut.