Who Are We:

National Christian Financial Advisors, (NCFA) is a minority-owned and operated Independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm.  We know you need unbiased diversified financial support when making decisions as a board member, business owner, or individual.  Our Co-Founder started offering independent retirement services to educators and healthcare providers almost three decades ago.  Today, the firm has grown into a full-service financial services company meeting the needs of institutions, non-profit organizations, individuals, families, and small businesses.  With three key areas of focus for - institutions, businesses, and individuals.

INSTITUTIONS, NON-PROFITS & BUSINESSES: We help boards develop investment policy statements, implement their global business liquidity needs and long-term investment strategy including the investment selections and monitoring of their defined benefits program; 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plans.  We also, help hedge fund managers, endowments, mutual funds, and institutional investors with their Prime Broker Solutions as a Sub-Adviser. 

INDIVIDUALS: We specialize in the distinctive needs of those who work in the academic, medical, research, state, and local governments - who earn between $35k - $200k who need and want help with managing their most precious asset that being their 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plan, providing them investment advice and professional money management as a fiduciary who puts their "Best Interest First".  We call these employees the "Mass Affluent".  Due to the vast number of individuals who have employer-sponsored retirement plans but do not receive professional help or personalization on their individual account and/or concerned about being retirement ready.   As of 2012, we have extended our expertise to the "Mass Affluent" in for-profit industries as well.

Our Mission:

Is simple - to help the "Mass Affluent" achieve financial freedom.  

We will accomplish this in two steps:

First Step- By setting a new standard in how independent investment advisory services are delivered to help individuals manage their financial future. We believe to be retirement ready you should start as early as possible. Or 10, 15, 20 years before retirement instead of the normal 5 year rush before retirement.  Worst of all is the 60 to 90 day submit your retirement paperwork to HR to receive your retirement benefits and select the default one size fit all option of payments for your life or life plus a survivor benefit.

Second Step - We are leveraging technology to deliver our services to first get to know perspective clients and to better understand our current clients specific goals & objectives, then educate, then implement your plan, then monitor, review and rebalance either quarterly or annually. 

Our Value Commitment:

Is to develop and maintain long-term relationships through trust, excellence, integrity and exceptional client satisfaction.

If you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss your financial plans, please contact us.

Thank you for exploring our Web site and becoming acquainted with us

we look forward to being of service.