Self-Directed                            Brokerage            

What is SDBA?  
In short, your employer gives you the ability to unlock your employer sponsored retirement plan; 401(k), 403(b) and 457 plan by expanding your investment choices, receive independent investment advice instead of just guidance from the custodian and professional money management.  Best of all, your assets never leave the plan, you maintain full control, which allows you to continue to contribute and most importantly this benefit and service doesn't cost you anything upfront or out of pocket.

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Investment Management 

We are a leader in investment management, dedicated to creating a strategic advantage for individuals, families, small-to-mid-size businesses, and institutions by connecting clients with National Christian Financial Advisors, Inc. (NCFA) registered independent advisers.  We offer expert solutions in:

    • Advisory Services
    • Asset Management
    • Private Wealth Management
    • Alternative Investments
    • The Webb Report - a subscription to our daily market commentary, economic trends and the latest insights on treasury, and global equity & debt markets.
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Treasury Services

Streamline your daily cash management, short and intermediate reserve and long-term investment needs with NCFA's Treasury Services all from a single integrated account.
Save time. Reduce Costs. And improve cash flow. In short, our Treasury Services allow you to focus more on your business and less on your cash management.  Our professionals at our NCFA Corporate Treasury division average more than 25 years of industry experience and expertise to meet your needs with cost-effective strategies.
    • Client Service & Implementation
    • Liquidity
    • FX/Cash Management and Hedging
    • Daily Cash Management
    • Commercial Paper
    • United States Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds, Government Agencies.
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     Financial Planning

NCFA introduces Cyborg-Advisors MyPlan™.  This disruptive financial planning model gives everyone the opportunity to have a qualified financial plan from qualified seasoned professionals for an annual membership.  Instead of traditional financial planning firms that offer clients high hourly rates, retainers or even charging high net worth individuals thousands of dollars to produce a financial plan.  We can provide this disruptive service while still being able to deliver a professional and industry leading financial plan. We like to say this way - 

Membership Has It's Privileges! 


Because we have learned after three decades, that EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ACCESS TO A SEASONED FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL WHO HELPS THEM DEVELOP A FINANCIAL ROAD MAP TO ACHIEVE THEIR FINANCIAL FREEDOM.  We believe Cyborg-Advisors MyPlan is the access and the way to level the playing field and achieve this goal by delivering our industry leading financial planning tools and service to EVERYONE!

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