Money Market Liquidity Series

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NAV as of 02-July-2020


About This Fund
The Money Market Liquidity Series, is offered only to certain eligible investors and managed by one of our largest institutional money managers.




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*Weighted average maturity: Dollar-Weighted Average Maturity: The average maturity of a Fund is the average amount of time until the organizations that issued the debt securities in the Fund’s portfolio must pay off the principal amount of the debt. “Dollar-weighted” means the larger the dollar value of a debt security in the Fund, the more weight it gets in calculating this average. To calculate the dollar-weighted average maturity, the Fund may treat a variable or floating rate security as having a maturity equal to the time remaining to the security’s next interest rate reset date rather than the security’s actual maturity.

**Weighted average life: Dollar-Weighted Average Life: Measurement of a fund's sensitivity to a deteriorating credit environment; potential credit spread changes or tightening liquidity conditions. The WAL calculation is based on a security's stated final maturity date or, when relevant, the date of the demand feature when the fund may receive payment of principal and interest.

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